My name is Carl Fanaro and I live in New Orleans with my wife and three children. I am extremely passionate about my family and helping others. Working and spending time with my family are my two favorite things to do. We are very active and we love being outdoors. We spend our days working … Continued

What Happens To Your New Orleans Property After A Divorce?

Divorces are difficult. About forty to fifty percent of marriages ended in divorce last year, and the rate is even higher for subsequent marriages. If you are going through a divorce right now, you are probably wondering what happens to your New Orleans property after the divorce. Who Keeps The Property? This is something you … Continued

4 Ways To Avoid Foreclosure In New Orleans

Wikipedia defines foreclosure as a legal process in which a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower who has stopped making payments to the lender by forcing the sale of the asset used as the collateral for the loan. If foreclosure is looming over you like a black cloud on a sunny day, don’t ignore the rain. Open … Continued

Selling Your House With and Without A Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking to sell your house or investment property in New Orleans without using a real estate agent, we can help. Although we do cooperate with brokers, sometimes it’s best to avoid paying someone to be in the middle. After all, paying 5-6% of the sale of a property in a commission is a lot of … Continued

What Happens When You Inherit A House In Louisiana?

Inheriting a house is one of the few big surprises that life brings us sometimes. But what happens when you inherit a house in Louisiana? As much as you may want to keep an inherited house, sometimes you may be forced to consider putting it up for sale. Well, selling an inherited house can be … Continued

When Selling A House, What Is Emotional Tax?

Emotional tax when selling a house refers to the psychological toll that the process of selling a home can take on the seller. It is a combination of the emotional attachment the seller has to their home, the stress of the selling process, and the financial implications of the sale. Selling a house can be … Continued

What Are The Benefits Of Owning Rental Property?

Nowadays most people know that owning rental property is a powerful asset. Not everyone knows all of the benefits that income properties provide. It’s not simply the monthly cash flow. There are tax advantages as well as appreciation over time. Let’s talk about all of the benefits that rental properties provide to their owners. Passive … Continued