Yes, We Buy Fire Damaged Houses!

Many people think that damage of any kind, especially fire, can prohibit them from selling a house. There will no doubt be limitations and it will require some additional considerations and challenges. The pool of buyers is going to shrink tremendously. The financing options for those buyers are essentially non-existent. But, that doesn’t mean there are not any options. Yes, you can sell a fire-damaged house. Selling a fire-damaged property is possible, and in some cases, it may be the best option for the owner. That is where a professional home buyer can help. Professional home buyers have experience with fire damaged houses. they know what exactly to look for and what needs to be repaired when putting a fire damaged house back together. Here are some important factors to keep in mind when selling a fire-damaged house:

  1. Insurance and Legal Matters: Before proceeding with the sale, it’s crucial to contact your insurance company to understand the extent of coverage for the fire damage. Additionally, consult with an attorney to ensure you are fulfilling all legal requirements for selling a damaged property in your jurisdiction. A professional home buyer will make you an as-is offer with waiver of redhibition, which means that at the act of sale, once documents are signed, you will be free of any future obligations or liability regarding the house.
  2. Assessing the Damage: Obtain a thorough assessment of the fire damage from professionals, such as a structural engineer or a certified fire inspector. Understanding the extent of the damage will help you determine the property’s value and whether repairs are feasible. A professional home buyer will also be able to make these determinations, for the most part.
  3. Repair Costs and Budget: Depending on the severity of the fire damage, repairs can be extensive and costly. Consider the expenses involved in bringing the property back to a habitable condition and factor them into your selling strategy.
  4. Disclosures: When selling a fire-damaged house, you must disclose the extent of the damage to potential buyers. Being transparent about the property’s condition is essential to avoid legal issues in the future.
  5. Market Value: A fire-damaged house will typically have a lower market value compared to similar properties in good condition. Buyers may expect a discounted price to account for the repairs and restoration work they need to undertake.
  6. Targeting Investors: Fire-damaged houses may attract real estate investors who specialize in rehabilitating distressed properties. Investors may be more inclined to take on the project and may offer cash deals, providing a faster closing process.
  7. Selling “As-Is”: If the cost of repairs is too high or you don’t want to deal with the renovation process, you can consider selling the property “as-is.” Repairing a fire damaged house is no small task. Selling the house in its current condition may be the most viable option for some sellers.
  8. Demolition: In extreme cases where the damage is severe and extensive, selling the property as a vacant lot may be more practical than attempting to restore the house. The good news with this part, is that if a property is damaged beyond repair, a professional home buyer will handle the demo. They will make you an as-is offer and take on the demo process themselves so that way you don’t have to deal with it.
  9. Buyer Financing: Selling a fire-damaged house may affect traditional buyer financing. Many lenders may be hesitant to approve mortgages for severely damaged properties. Cash buyers or investors who use alternative financing methods may be more suitable buyers in such cases.

Selling a fire-damaged house can be complex, and it’s essential to work with professionals experienced in handling distressed properties. Professional home buyers can make quick assessments and as-is offers that can alleviate you of the headache and concern that goes along with having a property that has been fire damaged. If you would like an assessment or just have some questions about a damaged property, give us a call at 504 264 1407 or head to the website to fill out a form.

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